World Affairs Council: UNICEF Event

Protecting Children in Times of Crisis

May 9, 2013

San Francisco, CA

m.o. Partners founder, Kari Hayden was thrilled to have the opportunity to support and attend a special UNICEF event at the World Affairs Council in San Francisco, CA.

UNICEF‘s Chief of Child Protection, Susan Bissell, was featured, discussing the effects of disasters and humanitarian crises on children. Working across 170 countries, Bissell “guides UNICEF’s programs which work to prevent and respond to children affected by armed conflicts and humanitarian disasters.” Bissell shared valuable and eye-opening updates on the current status of events in Syria, while touching on Haiti and the Philippines.

Staff then hosted a secondary event at E&O Trading Company. Those in attendance, like Kate Byrne & Caroline Barlerin, shared a great round of conversation.

Susan Bissell with event moderator.