Opportunity Collaboration: Poverty Alleviation Un-Conference

October 13-18, 2013 | Ixtapa, Mexico

Opportunity Collaboration (The ‘OC’ as the insiders call it) recently hosted its annual “four-day problem-solving, strategic retreat for nonprofit leaders, for-profit social entrepreneurs, grant-makers and impact investors engaged in economic justice enterprises.” From five days, individuals gathered to share their insights, innovate, and create change in the poverty alleviation arena.

m.o. Partners founder, Kari Hayden Pendoley attended the event for the third year in a row. She represented her new role at Rodan + Fields and led a grantmakers meet-up with other Delegates to cultivate a peer network.

Some new delegates on the block were the Thinking Beyond Borders (TBB) fellows. They attended OC for the first time and participated on all levels of the conference, impressing Delegates in their knowledge of the space and the amazing projects they had started. We are excited to share, with you, a brief account of what they gained from the conference:

Perhaps most importantly, they all left inspired. In advance of the conference, they expressed concerns that they would not have anything of value to offer other Delegates and would feel out of place. What they found was that their depth of thinking, their questions, and their exceptional capacity to articulate these in a productive and engaging manner — even around politically and emotionally charged issues — was deeply valued by all. Throughout the week, Delegates shared how impressed they were with the level of careful thinking and conscientious leadership the TBB Alumni Fellows offered, even among anti-poverty sector leaders from around the world. The TBB Alumni Fellows headed back to campus with a clearer understanding of the value they bring. That value is often expressed in the form of a really insightful question rather than an answer. 

Reprinted with permission from Thinking Beyond Borders.

Thinking Beyond Borders Alumni Opportunity Collaboration Fellows

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Kari was grateful for the opportunity to attend the event and get to know these, and other, developing change-makers.