Mills College Annual Conference 2013

Creating Shared Value and Evaluating Social Impact

The Center for Socially Responsible Business at Mills College

Friday, March 15, 2013

m.o. Partners founder, Kari Hayden, recently had the opportunity to work with The Center for Socially Responsible Business at Mills College to design their annual conference in Oakland, CA. This year’s conference title was “Creating Shared Value and Evaluating Social Impact.”

Faculty, students, and industry experts gathered to discuss “how organizations of any size and profit orientation can find new growth by adopting the idea of shared values and evaluating social impact in innovative ways.”

Conference attendees were privileged to hear from the event’s keynote speaker, Leila Janah, Founder and CEO of Samasource. Since 2008, Samasource has functioned as a social business which serves to connect “women and youth living in poverty to dignified work via the Internet.” Their goal is to reduce poverty among the world’s population.

Conference sessions explored various aspects of the conference theme. One session, moderated by Chad Bolick, Associate Director of Partnerships at FSG, discussed the concept of “shared value” and what “creating shared value” means for traditional companies. Another, hosted by Dermot Hikisch, Director of Business Development at B Lab, discussed “unique business models and strategies that earn financial returns and social impact.” Diane Johnson, Ph.D., Mmapeu Management Consulting, led a panel which explored “different ways to design, capture, and communicate impact.” Robin Pendoley, Founder & CEO of Thinking Beyond Borders, directed discussion on the impact of the educational system.

Additional topics of conference discussion included identifying social impact goals, evaluating social impact differently, learning from social venture funders, and the revitalization of Oakland. Other conference attendees and participants included, Rob Meloche, Business Leader of Corporate Responsibility at Visa, Kathy Mulvany, Senior Director of Corporate Affairs at Cisco, and Angela Leung Wasmer, Director of Global Public Affairs, Gap, Inc. As well as Bill Peterson, Chief Credit Officer at New Resource Bank, Rana DiOrio, Founder of Little Pickle Press, and Elana Metz and Lacy Aspill, Founding Directors of Moving Forward Education

Kari was thrilled to take part in the event for the second year in a row, and she is pleased to share some of her photos from the conference.