“Kari Hayden [Pendoley] has been integral to forming strategic partnerships for Grameen America & Research across several programs.  Her professional representation of Grameen at conferences such as TED, the World Economic Forum in Davos, SXSW, the Clinton Global Initiative, and others has been key in helping further our mission of make wide-ranging deep social impact.”

– Vidar Jorgenson, President of Grameen America & Grameen Research

“Every year, the Lokey I. Lorry Graduate School  develops a conference on emerging trends in the field of socially responsible business.  This year, Kari Hayden [Pendoley] and m.o. Partners did an outstanding job in helping us to design our conference and secured several high-level speakers to discuss issues regarding social impact investing.  In addition, their work in developing the marketing strategy in the months before the conference helped our team to attract professionals  and academics with a wide range of experience and perspectives on financing social ventures.  The quality of the speakers and participants create a successful conference experience for all involved.”

– Deborah Merrill-Sands,  Dean of Lorry I. Lokey Graduate School of Business at Mills College

“m.o. Partners defined and created new components for’s customer success program, in addition to providing strategy on marketing, business development and operations.  From developing a big-picture strategy to actual on-the-ground implementation, their efforts kept the organization on mission while aggressively growing the business.”

– Dave Boyce, President & CEO at

“Kari Hayden [Pendoley] served as our Director of Strategy and Partnerships and helped lay the framework for our development efforts. Kari embodies sincerity, professionalism, and directness. These combined with the capacity to get the job done make her an asset to any team.”

– Adam Klein, Director of Integration at Slavery Footprint

“m.o. Partners’ campaign planning and foresight will be of vital use for our team year after year.”

– Jules Shell, Founder & Director of Foundation Rwanda