Café Impact Features m.o. Partners Founder

m.o. Partners Founder Kari Hayden Pendoley has been featured by Café Impact, sharing her social change experience. She has appeared in a series of videos and articles in conjunction with the project.

Café Impact (previously called iOn Poverty) was created in 2011. It was developed to “[democratize] access to careers of conscience. [Their] awesome social change agents give you the nitty-gritty career-building skills you need to get started changing the world.” Through their powerful video series they have discussed topics ranging from snagging social justice job interviews to rejecting rejection “when it’s personal.”

Kari has greatly enjoyed the opportunity to speak with and get to know Café Impact Founder and Host Jonathan C. Lewis. Lewis is also responsible for starting Opportunity Collaboration, launching MicroCredit Enterprises, and has worked with Dev Equity and Copia Global.

Café Impact Videos Featuring Kari include:

 Kari is honored to have contributed her insights to this exciting video series.