m.o. Partners’ branding, communications, and partner development expertise gives you mo‘ – more actionable solutions and more outcomes.

We blend the unique expertise of corporate social responsibility, nonprofit management, and best practices in the philanthropic, cause marketing, and social innovation industries to help your brand create impact and shared value for your bottom line and your community. Read our Client Testimonials.

Our Method

Companies know that in order to stay relevant and competitive, they must engage with philanthropic activities that blend social and business impact.  However scarcity of time and resources can mean that even well intentioned programs never reach their full potential or even get launched.

Organizations know that building partnerships and working with companies is important to advancing strategic goals, diversifying support, and growing a constituent base.  However, in the competitive fundraising landscape, organizations struggle to select appropriate partners that help them stay true to mission and produce mutually beneficial results.

m.o. Partners is not about charity – we are about building strategic cause engagements.  Our results are based on a three-part process:

  1. Modus Operandi:  “What’s your M.O.?” We determine how you operate today and how to pivot towards high-impact objectives for tomorrow.
  2. Meet Objectives: We assess current and develop new programs to set clear milestones connected to the right constituents.
  3. Meaningful Outcomes: We track, broadcast, and evaluate your successes towards achieving transformational business and philanthropic impact.


Our Expertise

Strategy and Research

  • Strategic planning across organization and departments
  • Cause landscape assessment and program philanthropic alignment
  • Brand message and media appraisal
  • Overall organizational development

Stakeholder Development

  • External partnership identification and development
  • Internal constituents, board, and employee engagement programs
  • Mission development and leadership capacity training

Branding and Communications

  • Social media marketing and positioning
  • Marketing design and collateral
  • Event planning, promotion, and execution



Kari Hayden Pendoley  has 14 years experience in marketing, public relations, business development, and strategy for social causes. Kari’s work has pushed innovative new boundaries (DonorsChoose.org) in addition to serving traditional philanthropic systems (Grameen Bank). Kari has built unique cause campaigns for partners like: Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, Crate & Barrel, Microsoft, and more. Her programs have received acclaim and national recognition: three Cause Marketing Forum Awards, two Dora Maxwell Award in Social Responsibility, and the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy Nonprofit Award. Kari attends high-level events for clients such as: the World Economic Forum at Davos, TED, the Clinton Global Initiative, and more. Kari has her Masters in Public & Nonprofit Management from the Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service at New York University.

Arynne Gilbert has 11 years of experience in professional writing, with an emphasis on grant writing and evaluation, as well as four years of experience in the marketing field.  Arynne’s past clients include non-profit organizations in the greater Chicago area and California’s Central Valley.  Arynne’s areas of expertise include: communications, grant management, branding, and campaign, vendor, and event management.  Arynne received her Masters Degree in Writing from DePaul University.



B. Macrae McDermott graduated from Brigham Young University with a BS in Sociology, with minors in Political Science and African Studies. Macrae’s professional experience has focused on social media strategy creation and implementation within the nonprofit sector. Macrae’s areas of expertise include research project development, international and cultural awareness studies, and social media marketing. Macrae has worked with a variety of organizations to help them expand their online presence and streamline their activities. These organizations include Kiva, Slavery Footprint, and Teach With Africa. Macrae is also the current social media strategist at 100cameras.


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