m.o. Partners creates transformational business and philanthropic impact across sectors.

We blend the unique expertise of corporate social responsibility, nonprofit management, and best practices in the philanthropic, cause marketing, and social innovation industries to help your brand create impact and shared value for your bottom line and your community.


m.o. Partners founder Kari Hayden Pendoley with client & Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus




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Kari Hayden Pendoley has 14 years experience in strategy for the social change sector.  Kari always refers to her work as part psychology, part skill. She believes that the success of any program depends on the ‘m.o.’ of those leading an organization. The Modus Operandi, or method of operating, with which a leader pursues his/her goals can either fall short or create lasting shared value.

Kari founded m.o. Partners in 2011 to bring the worlds of corporate social responsibility, nonprofit management, cause marketing, impact investing, and social innovation together – along with a little ‘m.o.’ magic – to serve clients.

Kari also hosts influential networking events around the country to help connect social innovators to new ideas.

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